Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Romance as Art

I repent the others. They were mistakes. Black marks on a white canvas. Will you help me paint over them? Hold my hand, and together we shall irradicate my past. We can work on your's too, if you like? Once we are are clean, we can work on our masterpiece.

Lie With Me

Lie with me, my sweet demon. Stay close, if you will. I whisper sweet nothings into your ear. True love. Distance cannot seperate us, for our love can cross any border. I will peel back your hardend shell. What's this? I peer through a crack I know you: my angel.

Glass (To my current lover)

Can we smash this glass that separates us? I don't think I could stand another moment separated, yet knowing you're there.

I will admit that I am selfish. But I fear that the glass will become us. So, I beg, please pick up your hammer. So, I can hold your hand.

Bittersweet Bastard (To my ex-lover)

Bittersweet bastard, you plague my thoughts. Interrupting sanity with delusions.

 I searched through the kitchen, but I couldn't find the mirror of your knife, so I'll keep searching. You know I'll find it soon enough, and wound you like you did I.

Don't worry, my lips will numb the pain.