Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rodrigo Y Gabriella

They entered the function separately, but were one with another now.

As they danced, the guitar ran through their heads, their feet moved in time with the Latin rhythm. Their furious footsteps echoed throughout the hall, adding to the intensity of the performance.

The two strangers danced the night away.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

With Friends Like These

As I lay at the bottom of the hill, with a broken leg, I realised I needed help to get to the hospital.

I dialed her phone number.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

My imaginary friend didn't come through in the end, I should have got a real one.

Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm Back.

So, after taking a little bit of a break to catch up on some things I've decided to return.

First things first: Thank you to Tim from 50 Word Stories.com for posting my story, Rampage, up on his site. It meas a lot to me, so thanks.

Secondly, I've been working with the idea for something a little bit... bigger, than what I have previously posted up here. I'm not going to share too much because it's only an idea, and I have only penned a tiny fraction of it (see extract below for a small sample.). I had the idea of something a little bit more violent yet understandable. I'm not attempting to write a meat-headed action story.

Lastly, and this goes out to a certain somebody: Psymon's Tale P.t. VI will be out soon enough. So you can stop biting my head off about it. :)

Any, I just wanted to say I;m back, hope you like the extract, and send in more story ideas.


"You know, I never wanted to do this."

Sincerity ran through his words, but we both knew that nothing could be done to change what was about to happen. We both bowed, unsheathed our instruments, and prepared ourselves.

"I only wish you knew that I did it for the best of reasons. And for what will happen, no matter who leaves, I am sorry. My love."

And with that we began. a flurry of shimmering light dancing high above the Suppressed below. Both he and I experts at our art. Every blow deflected by the opponent, he and I danced, always keeping in time with one another. Then I noticed how I would defeat him.

Keeping on the offensive, I forced his hand, or to be more precise; his feet. I maneuvered him so as he had nowhere to retreat to, except to the streets below.


Remaining in the same place, we continued to duel. fatigue setting in on us both. He couldn't endure as much as I could, this was proven when he let his arm slip an inch. I did not hesitate and removed the appendage from it's owner, sword still attached via the hand. It cascaded to the streets below.

As he was doubled up in pain and shock, I executed the next phase in my attack. I turned and walked away, doubled back on myself and sprinted towards him sending us both over the edge.

The force of the impact allowed us to clear the street and fall over the lower roofs on the other side. I had time to say the last thing he would ever hear.

"It's not the fall that will kill you."

We stopped.

"it's the sudden stop at the bottom."